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'I've got this' by mokitodoki
'I've got this'
Title wasn't my idea!
I really wanted to do something with foreshortening, so I came up with this. I also wanted to use lots of colours.
I worked on this for like a week or 2, but then I got stuck with the hair colour and didn't touch it again till today. I needed to finish already!
Thanks for looking.
Stocke by mokitodoki
from my favourite video game Radiant Historia.
I worked on this for, like, 3 weeks. 
I drew a first version on paper. I scanned that and then I decided I didn't like my first version, and scrapped it. Then I started over with the rough lineart for this entirely on the computer. Then I did the good lineart, then I decided I didn't like the lines and I had to re-do them. For the colouring, I started trying to do the scarf in a realistic style, but it wasn't coming out right, so I gave up on making my picture realistic/3D-looking, and started over with the simple colouring I have here . So it took long to finish.
Thanks for looking! 
Lady in Fur Wrap by mokitodoki
Lady in Fur Wrap
This is a painting I made of a photograph in a book I have at home. It is of a mannequin in a Zara shop window in New York City (pretend it's not a mannequin, though, okay?!)
For sure the colours are not 100% like in the picture, cause I was doing it by eye, but I think it's close enough.
Thanks for looking! 
Portrait by mokitodoki
100% digital!!! Again!
Wayy serious (and simple)...-_-  But I don't mind!
That white space is just supposed to be a really bright window, so you can't see anything out of it. :I I thought putting tree branches or something would be distracting and take away focus away from the figure (y'know, like one of those composition tricks or tips or whatever), but if something should go there, I'll change it! X_X
Thank you for looking.
Setsuna F. Seiei by mokitodoki
Setsuna F. Seiei
from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
I really liked the premise of this show. ^u^
Episode 18, his "armed intervention" was so cool! X3
I think Lockon was my favourite character, actually, but I really wanted to draw Setsuna, so yeah... :/
Well,  done traditionally. Legit, probably the quickest drawing I've done so far, took less that 24 hours to complete. In case you can't see too well, his left hand is a fist (sorta) and his other hand is in his pocket. Or, at least, hidden. :/ Thanks for looking!


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hello mokitodoki Silver,
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Huh? I wrote a message on your page saying I want to name her Laura. :D
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I go on it every day too~ >w<
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I've never read Wish. It is really old so there is 0 copies of it at the libraries. I like Tsubasa (I have volume 25, a 100+ coloured images book, black Mokona doll) but it is really confusing after volume 14ish.
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